Table 2

Re-Os Molybdenite Age Data from the Carmen de Andacollo Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit

Sample no.LocationDescriptionRe (ppm)±2σ187Re (ppb)±2σ187Os (ppb)±2σTotal common Os (pg)Model age (Ma)1±2σ with λ (Ma)2
CDA-4DDH 11-41 at 396.4 mQuartz-molybdenite vein in Porphyry D405.21.3254,683805441.40.32.6103.90.5
CDA-12DDH 13-09 at 383.2 mQuartz-molybdenite vein in andesitic country rock556.91.8350,0591,106604.80.41.0103.60.5
  • 1 Model age calculated from the equation t = ln (187Os/187Re + 1)/λ, where t = model age and λ = 187Re decay constant, and assuming no initial radiogenic Os

  • 2 λ = 187Re decay constant, 1.666 × 10−11 yr−1 (Smoliar et al., 2006)