Table 4

Summary of SO3 Compositions of Igneous Apatite from Chilean and Other Porphyry and IOCG Deposits

LocalityDeposit typeSO3 (wt %) Source
Carmen de AndacolloPorphyry Cu-Au0.050.810.250.1769This study
ProductoraTransitional IOCG0. study
CandelariaIOCG0. study
CasualidadIOCG0. study
YeringtonPorphyry Cu0.260.990.600.364Streck and Dilles (1998)
Santo Tomas II (Philex)Porphyry Cun.a.0.450.300.07n.a.Imai (2002)
Santo Tomas II (Philex)Porphyry Cun.a.0.620.250.07n.a.Imai (2002)
CliftonPorphyry Cun.a.0.760.290.14n.a.Imai (2002)
CliftonPorphyry Cun.a.0.480.270.08n.a.Imai (2002)
Bumolo (Waterhole)Porphyry Cun.a.0.590.210.15n.a.Imai (2002)
Camp 6 (Black Mountain)Porphyry Cun.a.0.480.120.09n.a.Imai (2002)
DizonPorphyry Cun.a.0.570.170.08n.a.Imai (2002)
TaysanPorphyry Cun.a.0.550.200.11n.a.Imai (2002)
DuolongPorphyry Cu-Au0.440.82n.a.n.a.n.a.Li et al. (2012)
Mt. IsaIOCGn.a.n.a.0.130.09n.a.Piccoli and Candela (2002)
Mt. IsaIOCGn.a.n.a.0.07n.a.n.a.Belousova et al. (2002)
TjårrojåkkaIOCG0. (2007)
Se-ChahunIOCG (IOA)<0.030.11n.a.n.a.n.a.Bonyadi et al. (2011)
  • n.a. = data not available, s.d. = standard deviation